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What is Gymja Warrior?

A hardcore training facility where athletes prepare to be on American Ninja Warrior? A fun place to bring the kids where they can swing around, balance and climb in a safe environment? The best Birthday Party hosts in New England? Is it possible to be all of those places at the same time? We think so.

What do we offer?

Our Instructed Classes are designed to build strength through movement with 3 different disciplines, including Ninja: Obstacle Course Training. Parkour: Efficient Movement. Acrobatics: Flips and Tricks. From our 4+5yr old Little Ninjas class, Youth classes, all the way up to our Adult classes. Age, skill level and ability do NOT matter. We accommodate ALL who look to better themselves through physical fitness.

Is there more than just classes?

Short answer; YES! Our Open Training times may not be “instructed”, but our coaches are always somewhere nearby to ensure safety and are happy to help with any questions and/or demonstrations as needed.

Our Gymja Birthday Parties are among the most fun and exciting events your child will ever be part of. With structured obstacle courses, fun tricks on the trampoline, and an enthusiastic staff, you’ll put all other birthdays to shame! We also host different types of Events and Fundraisers outside of just children’s parties.

Bulletin Board

Tier 2 Adult NENA Competition is this Saturday, Jan 28th. click here to sign up

Classes Canceled on Sunday Jan 29th for a big cleaning/organizing day.

-The Class Schedule will be changing slightly on January 30th. With the addition of Coach Will to our Mon-Thu classes, we can comfortably go back to 3 Classes at a time. To see the full schedule, click here!

February Camp is coming up the week of the 20th – 24th. Camp runs from 10am – 2pm, with optional Open Training 2-3pm

Edited on Thu, Jan 26

Open Training
Birthday Parties

Where To Start
Intro Class – Free

Intro to Gymja is your chance to see what we’re all about, for FREE! After a short warm up you’ll get to try Ninja obstacle training, Parkour movement, and Acrobatics basics. This helps shows YOU what Gymja is all about; while helping US place you in the right level for future classes.

Little Ninjas

All 4-5 Year Olds start off in our Little Ninjas Class to help gain strength, focus, and the overall abilities they will need to advance to our Youth Classes. First Class Free if you mention this text.

Adult Class (17+)

Adults can start right in the Adult Classes. No matter if you’ve never done ANYTHING like this before, or you’ve been on American Ninja Warrior, our classes are designed to get you moving, working out and having fun in a welcoming group setting.

Class Description:
Class Schedule:
Want something more competitive?

Our Ninja Team gives students (Youth and Adults) a unique opportunity to take their ninja experience to a competitive level. Here we train our students on more advanced obstacles, increase their strength through conditioning, and build endurance to tackle challenging courses.

Gymja’s Ninja Team
What is our Mission

Our MISSION is to develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders by fun and challenging exercise, problem solving, and personal goal setting.

What is our Goal

Our GOAL is to build our student’s strength, coordination and balance to make them great athletes in any sport. Through play and constant challenge, we seek to make exercise fun without it being a chore.

Location & Hours

Gymja Warrior Peabody

216 Newbury Street

Peabody, MA 01960


(Located on Rte 1 South next to Namco Pools)


Weekly Class Hours: Mon-Thu 3-9pm / Sun 10-2:30pm

Open Training/Party Hours: Fri-Sun (Hours vary every weekend, so

be sure to check the Open Training Schedule)

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