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Gymja Warrior is committed to supporting our members, our coaches, and our communities through fundraising, charitable donations, and support.

If you have a charity or cause that we can care about let us know at info@gymjawarrior.com!

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Please consider supporting our active fundraisers

Michelle is raising money to support the One Mission Buzz-Off for kids with Cancer.  To show her commitment to the cause she’s joining the national buzz-off and shaving her beautiful hair off! 😱

We’re showing our support by hosting 2 open training sessions in Danvers to support Michelle’s fundraising goal of $2000.

Each session is $30 with half the proceeds going directly to the One Mission Fund.  The other half covers the operating expenses.

Session 1:     May 6,   5:30pm – 7pm     > SIGNUP HERE <
Session 2:    May 6,   700pm – 8:30pm       > SIGNUP HERE <

If you really wanted to come to a session but couldn’t you can still help Michelle by donating directly HERE (or if you just want to find out more)


We’re looking for our next great cause to rally behind.  Please drop us a note at info@gymjawarrior.com if you have an event or cause we can help support.


With your help, support, and blood we had another successful blood drive Friday January 17.  Stay tuned for the next one!

It’s never too late to donate

Unfortunately the rain kept Shuriken and our obstacle course from attending the 2019 Heart Walk, but we’re looking forward to joining next year.  Hope you’ll join us!

2019 March of Dimes march for babies

We wer thrilled to be a part of the March of Dimes efforts to lead the fight to help moms and babies.  While the 2019 walk is over there’s still time to donate below!

Click here to donate


We’re honored to help a cause that’s personal to our own coach Kellsea who suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa. RP is a genetic disorder that causes loss of vision most notably as tunnel vision, decreased night vision, and even blindness.

Click here to donate

Many of us know someone directly or indirectly impacted by the explosions across Merrimack Valley. We will have a few open gyms with ALL profits donated directly to help the victims. You can either come to one of the charity open gyms or give directly below. We partnered with the Essex County Community Foundation with all profits to benefit the Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund.

We were thrilled to be a part of this year’s Boston Heart Walk bringing Gymja2Go and a special guest appearance from Shuriken. It was an amazing day and brought lots of funding and awareness for the American Heart Association. Look to join our walking team in 2019!!

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