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Gymja Warrior has donated over $16,000!

Gymja Warrior is proud to announce that we have donated more than $16,000 to area schools, PTOs, recreational departments, youth sports leagues and other non-profit organizations directly through our hosted fundraising events. Not only do we provide one-of-a-kind entertainment for your organization, but in return we donate up to 50%* of all ticket sales directly back to your organization. Join the hundreds of area schools and organizations that have raised thousands of dollars for their students and kids via a specially crafted Gymja Warrior Fund Raising Event, and if you want Gymja Warrior to come to you, visit our Gymja2Go Page.

To encourage participation fundraiser donations have the following payouts:

• If you have 15 or fewer participants per session we give back 25%
• If you have 30 or fewer participants per session we give back 35%​​
• If you have more than 30 participants per session we give back 50%

Current Fundraisers

Topsfield Elementary School Fundraiser
Danvers /Friday March 15th / 2:00pm
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South Elementary School Fundraiser
Woburn /Friday March 15th / 1:30pm/3:00pm
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Wood End Elementary Fundraiser
Woburn / Friday April 5th / 3:30pm
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