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Ninja Warrior training focuses on STRENGTH conditioning


In addition we offer classes in:

  • Flips! – Learn safety techniques for back, front, and side flips
  • Tricking – Flips aren’t enough?  Adding basic martial arts training to flips gives a dynamic training experience like the action movies
  • Trampoline – From intro to advanced students work on our olympic trampoline mastering flips and wall runs

Our FREE 30 minute intro class teaches you the fundamentals of ninja obstacle and parkour training in a safe environment.  We start with a warm-up, go on to safety and basic skills, then give you a change to try some obstacles out on your own.  Here our master sensei’s can go over the programs in more detail as well as our membership options.

My son came for the intro class in February with Master Sensei Scott and fell in love with Parkour.  He now comes a few times a week to Parkour and Ninja classes.  Thank you!

Sue, Reading, Ma

We offer our FREE no obligation intro class at the following times:


Monday 3:30-4:00

Thursday 3:30-4:00

Saturday 12:00 – 12:30

Sunday 1:00 – 1:30


Tuesday 3:30-4:00

Wednesday 3:30-4:00

Sunday 12:00-12:30