Level UP!

What is Level UP! ?

The best part about playing video games 🕹 is the ultimate reward you feel after beating the game, unlocking new abilities, and leveling up. Although games help our mind process hand eye coordination, stress release, creativity, and problem solving they also distract us from life and taking care of what’s really important for our growth in the physical world.

LEVEL UP! is a system designed using the benefits from video games, combine them with healthy training practices and apply them to our class curriculum. Joining LEVEL UP! is optional and based entirely on the rate at which the student puts forth effort to excel. Using game mechanics such as Experience points, Achievements, and Lives each student will be able to progress from Intro Level to Level 6 at their own pace and with plenty of replay value.

Starting with strength and safety in level 1 participants will progress with more complicated physical requirements and work through strength and safety, proper form, physical control and endurance, setting personal goals, self mastery (including self motivation and mastering skills), and finally mentoring and social awareness.

Gymja Warrior’s Level UP! system is perfect to keep my son engaged in class and give him real goals to work towards each week.  Thank you!

Nancy, Woburn

To join Level UP! talk to one of our Sensei’s to get started.  Advancement testing can be done during free time at the end of class or during open gym.

Are you interested in being the best you?  Do you like challenging yourself and being recognized for your hard work?  Do you like to set goals for yourself?  Then Level UP! is for you!

It doesn’t matter if your 5 or 65, everyone can Level UP!

Joining Level UP! is a one-time $10 fee.  We charge this to confirm your dedication to the program.  We all know we appreciate more what we have to pay for.

To Level UP! it takes commitment and dedication.  Commitment coming to class and dedication to the program.  Because of this all participants in Level UP! must be Gymja Warrior members, and we recommend class participation at least twice a week.