Open Training Schedule

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-Open Training times change each week depending on birthday parties and events that may be scheduled. The weekly schedule gets changed every Sunday, so be sure to check the week-of for our availability.

-Open Training is not structured, but our coaches are always nearby to ensure safety and are happy to help with any questions or demonstrations. While Open Training is designed for ages 6 and up, 4 and 5 year olds are welcome, we just ask a parent or guardian to stay with young ones while playing.

Nov 20th – 27th (Sun – Sun)
11/20 Sun:    NA
11/21 Mon:    NA
11/22 Tues:    NA
11/23 Wed:    NA
11/24 Thur:    NA
11/25 Fri:    NA
11/26 Sat:    NA
11/27 Sun:    3pm – 8pm