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New to Gymja Warrior?  Try a free Intro Class!

Ages 6+, 30 minutes

Intro to Gymja is your chance to see what we’re all about, for FREE! After a short warm up you’ll get to try Ninja obstacle training, Parkour movement, and Acrobatics basics.  This helps shows YOU what Gymja is all about while helping US place you in the right level for future classes

When you’re done you’re welcome to try a full class before deciding which membership is right for you

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Little Ninjas (ages 4-5)

All kids ages 4 and 5 start with our Little Ninjas program combining Parkour and Ninja Warrior fundamentals

Youth Levels (ages 6 – 16)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Kids new to the discipline with little or no experience should start with Level 1.
60 minute class
Average age 6-7 years old
Kids with a fundamental understanding of and some experience with the discipline can start here
60 minute class
Average age 7-9 years old
This is where skill starts playing a bigger role than age and have a clear understanding of following directions, pushing limits, and solid discipline skills
60 minute class
Average age 10-14 years old
Kids with a strong understanding and/or mastery of various techniques within the discipline can inquire about Level 4 to train at the next level
90 minute class
Average age 14-16 years old

Adult (ages 16 to adult)

Advanced and older kids and adults are welcome to our Adult classes.  Adult classes uses Parkour, Ninja Warrior, and some OCR techniques for a whole-body workout gaining agility, strength, and coordination without the weights.  Competitive adults are welcome to try out for our competition team

Ninja Warrior

Obstacle Course Training is not only a good physical workout, it also challenges the mind! Classes are designed to build upper body strength, lower body explosivity, as well as balance and coordination through a variety of obstacles. Swinging from rings, striding through the quintuple steps, and floor-is-lava like balance courses are the norm! And don’t forget the Warped Wall!! ​

Ninja Warrior Competition Team


The Art of Movement. Learning how to run, jump and climb in the most efficient (or flashy) ways possible. Getting from Point-A to Point-B is the goal, and there may be some things in your way. Vaulting over objects, sticking precise landings, and just learning how to take the fall without getting hurt is what Parkour is all about.


Flips, trampoline skills, and overall aerial awareness. Our non-traditional “gymnastics” style classes focus on how to safely do some cool tricks, along with building a strong core, and body awareness. Class is held primarily on our carpet-bonded foam spring floor, and our Olympic style trampoline.