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Intro To Gymja

Ages 6+, 30 minutes

Intro to Gymja is your chance to see what we’re all about!  After a short warm up you’ll get to try Ninja obstacle training and Parkour.  When you’re done you’re welcome to try a full class before deciding which membership is right for you.

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Ninja Warrior

Little Ninjas 3-5yr, 45 minute class
Young Ninja Warrior 6-10yr, 60 minute class
Rising Ninja Warrior 11-17yr, 60 minute class
​Adult Ninja Warrior 60 minute class

These age appropriate classes are designed to build upper body and core strength as well as balance and coordination through challenging students on a variety of obstacles. Students will be coached in physical and mental techniques that aid them in attaining their goals and promoting successful habits. Members are progressed through basic ninja warrior skills and techniques that form the building blocks to promote efficient movement by engaging in creative drills and games in a fun, safe environment. We make sure our students are staying highly active in these classes to promote physical fitness, but give a variety of progressions for all movements that are taught to accommodate and challenge all skill levels from first timers to experts! ​


Beginner Parkour 60 minute class
Intermediate Parkour 60 minute class
Advanced Parkour 60 minute class

All Parkour classes are taught by our certified Parkour instructors. Students will start with the basics; proper landing techniques, rolls, and vaults to efficiently get from point A to point B. Moving to Intermediate Parkour students will expand their skills and start fundamentals of flips. Continuing to the invitation only Advanced Parkour classes students further hone their skills to conquer advanced flip and Freerunning.


Beginner Flips – 60 minute class
Intermediate Flips –  60 minute class

Combining techniques found in Gymnastics, Parkour, Freerunning, and other acrobatic arts, this class is centered around being in the air and upside down. Here students will learn the basic skill progressions for flips such as front flips, back flips, and side flips as well as more advance techniques like front twisting, wall flips, and bar swinging flips.


Beginner Tricking – 60 minute class
Intermediate Tricking – 60 minute class

Tricking is an AWESOME training discipline that combine martial arts kicks with flips and twists from gymnastics as well as many dance moves and styles from breakdancing. Our tricking class is designated for boys and girls and aims to achieve aesthetic display of different combination of “tricks”. The sport has no rules or regulations . As the student progress, they will learn to connect a wide variety of skills in succession and be given basic tools to help develop their own sense of style and creativity.


Aerial Awareness (Beginner) 60 minute class
Trampoline Acro (Advanced) 60 minute class

We offer two different trampoline classes! Both classes are taught on our Olympic trampoline bed. These classes are designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge of how to maneuver their body through the air and safely practice skills on the trampoline.

Aerial Awareness

Our sensei’s teach students the basic skills to develop aerial body control. The focus is to introduce students to the trampoline and teach proper techniques used to build and execute skills. Students will gain an understanding of how to safely practice skills and utilize the information in other areas beyond the class.

Trampoline Acro

This class is the advanced level of “Aerial Awareness” and is geared toward acrobatic styled skills, that include the use of the tramp-wall, various levels of inverted flips, spinning/ twisting, and foundational trampoline bed tricks. “Acro” offers a higher degree of difficulty through the progressive skills and techniques. The goal of class is to increase students overall coordination and acrobatic sense while providing the tools necessary for incorporating and translating training into further disciplines such as: diving, free-running, skiing, tumbling, and more!

**All students ages 10 and under must have previously either taken the Aerial Awareness class and/ or be recommended to take this class by one of the sensei’s before signing up.

Nerf Wars

Open Nerf War! open to all ages, 90 minute session
Nerf War XL! open to all ages in a BIGGER arena, 90 minute session
12+ Nerf War! limited to kids and adult 12 and older, 90 minute session

In the spirit of our movement gym Nerf™ Wars are a very safe and controlled outlet to have fun without realizing how much running you’re actually doing.