Parkour Tag!

What is Parkour Tag?

Parkour tag is an explosive game of one vs one tag in our Parkour garden where runners compete for monthly point totals.

How is Parkour Tag played?

Runners are paired up within their age group in SETS which includes 2 RUNS, one as a CHASER and one as an EVADER.  Runs last 1 minute or until the chaser tags the evader, whichever comes first.
– The chaser wins a point if they tag the evader within a minute
– The evader wins a point if they don’t get tagged within the minute
– The loser receives 0.25 points

Chaser and evader are selected for the first run then switch for the second run of the set.

How much is Parkour Tag?

a 60 minute Parkour Tag session is $30 and includes:
– 2 sets (2 runs to chase and 2 runs to evade)
– minimum of 1 point guaranteed
– free access to the rest of the gym for open gym training on our Ninja Warrior rigs or olympic trampoline

How do I get started?

First, make sure you have a parkour tag account using the form on this page.

Second, find a time on the schedule below and register!

Player Registration

Make sure to register for an account before signing up for a session to track your wins!

    Under 1313 - 1718+

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