What’s Changing?

Not too much, so no need to be intimidated! The new schedule begins on
Monday, April 22nd.

Surge Ninja is working to bring more recreational class options to the schedule. Age groups have been added to each level. Please view the list below.

• Little Ninjas: Age 4-5 yrs
• Ninja & Parkour 1: Age 6-8 yrs
• Ninja & Parkour 2: Age 9 & 10yrs
• Ninja & Parkour 3 & 4: Age 11+
• Acro: Age 6+

Class times have been adjusted to leave time for the staff to properly adjust equipment, set up obstacles and clean the area for the next class.

Remember to sign up prior to class to ensure the proper staff to student ratio.

Any questions about the new schedule? Feel free to talk to the Surge Gym Manager Scott.

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