Competition Team

Gymja Warrior Competition Team

Our ninja team gives students a unique opportunity to take their ninja experience to a competitive level. Here we train our students to conquer more advanced obstacles, increase their strength through conditioning, and build their endurance to tackle challenging courses.

Gymja Warrior is a founding member of the New England Ninja Association (NENA); a league in which gyms go head to head in a traditional sports team style with meets, playoffs, and championship competitions. Many of our team students also participate in the World Ninja League (formerly NNL) a more serious form of ninja competitions hosted by gyms around the world. 


Joining the team starts with regularly coming to classes as this is the foundation for growth and commitment. Speak to one of our coaches after class or email We want to make sure everyone understands and is able to make the team commitment. Lastly we’ll evaluate the athlete’s skill, grit, and energy they bring to the team.

Due to the regional growth of NENA, Gymja Warrior is separated into 2 separate teams, Peabody and Maynard. Collectively we are one big family for all other Ninja events or competitions. Once you select a gym to represent you will be expected to attend a majority of team practices offered at that location. In the case of attending a team practice at another Gymja location, please contact the facilities team leader to ensure accommodations can be made.


Athletes Must:

  • Have an active membership (Monthly or Annual)
  • Commit to the majority of TEAM practices on the schedule
  • Compete in at least 75% of the NENA competitions (excluding finals)
  • Always remember they are representatives of Gymja Warrior. They must act and perform in a manner that promotes respect, sportsmanship, self discipline, and competitive drive both inside and outside of the gym.


  • 4 exclusive team training classes weekly
  • competition team t-shirt
  • NENA league fees
  • All NENA competition costs
  • Team coach present at all local and select regional competitions
  • Occasional additional team-only training and mock competitions