The week of July 6 we will be running fundamentals workshops.  See the description and signup below.  July 13 we will start our new schedule.



Open gym schedule is updated Sunday for the upcoming week

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Skill Fundamentals Workshops (July 6 – July 10)

Our workshops will encompass several of our basic, yet very necessary skills in our gym and focus on the fundamental skills needed for our classes.  Each session is 45 minutes long and pre-registration is required

These workshops will be based on the following skills: Vaults, Jumps, Agility and Balance, and Grip Strength. Each of these workshop skills will be very helpful as we shift to our future class programs. We are very excited about our workshops and how they will help build core skills safely

Vaults are a parkour and speed technique used to go quickly over obstacles.  As a fundamental skill they are also utilized in our Ninja Warrior and Acro classes.

Jumps encase several skills involving jumping and landing from 2 legged broad jumps and 1 legged strides, to precision landings and rolls.

Agility and Balance workshops will boost your child’s confidence with their speed, footwork, and proper body control. Just to add some more fun, basic ninja warrior balancing obstacles will be used. (Ninjas are quiet and have great balance)

Grip Strength will help challenge your child’s climbing capabilities. We will be working on basic ninja warrior skills, several bar movements/ safety dismounts, and cliff hanger work to make our fingers a little extra tired. (Ninjas are good at climbing) 

Gymja Classes (July 13+) new schedule coming soon…

We took all the feedback we received over the past 5 years, our experiences from the past 5 years, and the break over the past few months to reassess our classes and are making the following changes:

Introducing Acro classes.  We’re combining Flips, Tricking, and trampoline classes into one amazing class where we work on aerial acrobatics using the floor and trampoline to safely learn and master various flips and aerial movements.

Introducing Gymja Basics.  New students to Gymja are encouraged to sign up for the 4 session Gymja Basics.  These are 45 minute sessions teaching fundamentals and safety for each of our classes.

All youth classes are now skill based.  This has been working well for Parkour, and we are introducing it to Ninja and Acro.  Coaches will work with parents and students for proper placement.

Temporary class reduction time for cleaning.  All classes (except for Gymja Basics) will be reduced by 10-15 minutes to provide time to clean obstacles used during class.


Because safety is our number 1 concern, in-between each session all obstacles and surfaces used will be cleaned. Every session your child will get a clean and safe obstacle. Our coaches have designed a program where obstacles will not be wet from cleanings. All surfaces will have proper time to dry and will be SAFE for your child to use.  

(Ninjas don’t like wet slippery surfaces)  

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Location & Hours

We’re located at the back side of Bldg 10, unit U

​Gymja Warrior Woburn
​10U Gill St
Woburn, MA 01801

Hours vary by day. Check above for our daily class schedule

​​Parties and private events available. Contact us for more information!